Who Were the Magi?

National Indie Excellence Award Winnder: Coffe-Table Book Category

Travel back in time to the ancient Middle East, in the caravan with the Magi, around whom so many legends have arisen. Discover who they really were and what led them to look for the promised Messiah. Journey with them as they tell their story that began in ancient Babylon six centuries earlier with the prophet Daniel.

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Who were the Magi and where did they come from? How did they end up at a stable in the middle of nowhere, far from their homes? — Or did they?

Travel back in time to the ancient Middle East and the distant world of the Magi, around whom so many legends have arisen. Ride in the caravan of the Magi as they journey to find the promised Messiah whose star has appeared in the Eastern sky. How did they know it was His sign?

Written for adults and older children, this family fireside read provides a welcome escape from the stress of the holidays and takes you back to the quiet wonder of the Magi and their mysterious mission. Listen as they tell their story that began six centuries earlier with the prophet Daniel, an Israelite slave in ancient Babylon, who won the favor of the cruel and ruthless King Nebuchadnezzar. Discover how Daniel's destiny became intertwined with that of “their fathers,” the Magi of his time.

What was their connection now? How did Daniel's influence course through the centuries to a point in time when they knew to look for a sign? They answer these questions as they travel by day and gather around campfires at night. Experience their anticipation as they enter Jerusalem, and their joy when they find the child. Encounter the intrigue and tragic events surrounding their arrival. Share their grief that turns into joy three decades later when they hear the news that finally makes sense of their journey.

This narrative is told with a Middle-Eastern flavor, with all its exotic mystery. The illustrations amplify the story with details that will delight children of all ages. This is a story that the entire family can share and enjoy together.

Lyn Benson, Author
Joshua Benson, Illustrator

Author's Bio

From early childhood, Lyn was enthralled with the Christmas story, and always wondered who the Magi were and how they knew to look for the Messiah. It was in a class where she learned the answer to their mysterious appearance and their connection to the prophet Daniel six centuries earlier. That's when she knew she had to tell the real story – it was just too good for people to miss.

She and her son Joshua teamed up to bring this Biblical account to the whole family, with a story that will enchant older children and adults, and illustrations that will delight children of all ages.

She lives in Denver and has two other grown children, Jenny and Jonathan, who also participated in bringing this book to print.

Her career has been in publishing, where she copyedits, develops, designs, and formats books, including other authors' projects, from manuscript to printed book. She designed the layout and did the production on this book. Both she and Joshua developed the design of the cover.

Illustrator's Bio

Joshua graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design, major in Illustration. Since then he has been a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who works with a variety of media. Please visit www.joshuabenson.com to view his work.

He is also a drummer in the cutting-edge musical group called the Stone Forest Ensemble in New York City. To get a taste of their music, you can watch and listen on http://www.myspace.com/sfenyc.